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About Our Cause

Exterminate Hunger is brought to you by EcoShield Pest Solutions

At EcoShield, giving back is ingrained into our company culture. Whether we're helping our neighbors or supporting national charities, we believe in aligning ourselves with essential causes that serve a collective. We introduced Exterminate Hunger over 15 years ago to help our communities in need by collecting donations and partnering with local food banks to assist in hunger relief efforts. 

Exterminate Hunger is an initiative born of the desire to alleviate local food insecurity on a national scale. With over 30 EcoShield offices across the United States, EcoShield recognized that the potential of our reach extended far beyond industry-leading pest solutions. Each branch partners with existing food banks in their area, bolstering community hunger relief efforts and providing EcoShield customers the opportunity to donate food items during scheduled services. Serving our community -- your community -- should be accessible, impactful, and sincere. Exterminate Hunger strives to achieve all three. 

At EcoShield giving back is ingrained into our company culture. We believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Exterminate Hunger's mission is to simplify hunger relief efforts by partnering with local community food pantries and offering EcoShield customers an easy way to donate food items.

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Our Vision

At EcoShield, we care about our customers, our communities, and our employees. Giving back is a mainstay of the EcoShield company culture and a continuous conscious effort through our rapid growth and expansion. We are driven to scale Exterminate Hunger's mission as EcoShield grows, allowing us the ability to feed more individuals and communities. 

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